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Le Creuset Just Launched a Brand New Color—And It’s *Seriously* Gorgeous

Le Creuset Just Launched a Brand New Color—And It’s *Seriously* Gorgeous

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This fresh new hue is perfect for summertime.

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We’re a little bit obsessed with Le Creuset here at Cooking Light—and for good reason. The ceramic cookware is a kitchen workhorse that can go from freezer to oven a thousand times over, and will last until your grandkids have grandkids. Plus, all Le Creuset cookware and bakeware has a lifetime warranty—so they'll replace anything that breaks. The bottom line: It’s an investment worth making.

But one of the hardest parts about buying Le Creuset is choosing which color to buy. There are the classic colors—like Flame, White, or Caribbean—that never go out of style, or you could choose one of the exciting limited-edition colors Le Creuset rolls out once or twice a year.

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The newest color is Berry—a stunning dark pink that’s reminiscent of juicy summer fruit. The Berry line launched yesterday, and we could not be more excited to pick up a few pieces for our own kitchens.

The items available in the new Berry color are the Round and Oval Dutch Ovens; Signature Saucepan; Signature Skillet; 3.5-Quart Braiser; and the 5-piece Signature Set (which includes a cast-iron skillet, a saucepan with lid, and a Dutch oven with lid.)

Berry-colored Le Creuset items are available on and All we can say is, scoop these up quick because they won’t last for BERRY long.

Le Creuset Just Dropped Its Newest Color—and It’s the First of Its Kind

Whether you’re taking stock of your kitchen go-tos during a New Year’s refresh or simply searching for thoughtful additions to inspire at-home cooking, Le Creuset’s latest release is sure to catch your eye. Today, the beloved French brand has unveiled a gorgeous color that’s perfect for new beginnings: Agave.

“This engaging hue, inspired by the blues and greens of the plant agave azul, represents how expression can be at once multifaceted and harmonious, and demonstrates Le Creuset’s expertise in crafting a hue that captures the nuances of personal expression,” the brand writes on its site. “The multi-layered beauty of Agave is that it complements other colors, think of it as a chameleon of sorts, adapting and elevating the colors around it.”

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For nearly a century, Le Creuset has been an industry leader in ultra high-quality cast iron, impressing home cooks with its gorgeous palette of timeless and trend-setting colors. To achieve Agave’s shimming blend, the brand uses its celebrated enameling process to first apply a lush green base and then a deep blue gradient layer, marking the first time Le Creuset has combined two completely different colors to craft a signature hue. What’s more, the Agave line features bright champagne-gold knobs to offset its dark color.

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You can shop more than a dozen items in Agave, including a 5.5-quart Dutch oven, the brand’s skinny grill, and a covered stoneware baker. For those who like to mix and match their Le Creuset colorways, Agave pairs well with Flame’s vivid warmth or Nectar’s cheer. And for fans of winter blues, combine Agave with vibrant Deep Teal and Mediterranian-inspired Marseille. The new collection is a perfect opportunity to brighten up your kitchen in the dreary depths of winter. 

Agave launched today exclusively at Williams Sonoma and at lecreuset.com𠅊nd we’ve already found several pieces on sale. Scroll down to check out 10 of our favorites and add them to your cart before they fly off virtual shelves.

Le Creuset Just Launched a Pretty New Color Sold Exclusively at Sur la Table

It’s inspired by the lavender fields in the South of France.

In celebration of the New Year, Le Creuset launched a fresh color sold exclusively at Sur la Table yesterday. According to the announcement on Sur la Table’s Facebook page, the pretty purple hue, appropriately named Provence, draws inspiration from “the fields of lavender dotting the landscape of southern France.” And much like the flowers known for their relaxing scent, the pretty pastel color will lend a sense of serenity to your kitchen. If cooking dinner is your favorite way to unwind after a long day of work, adding one of these new pieces to your cookware collection will make meal prep look as relaxing as it feels.

A softer take on Pantone’s Color of the Color, Ultra Violet, Le Creuset’s new hue suggests that purple really will reign supreme in 2018. If you’re ready for a bold decor move, you can try incorporating bursts of Ultra Violet throughout your home, but adding even one piece of Provence cookware is a more subtle way to introduce the trendy color into your kitchen.

Many of Le Creuset’s most popular pieces—including the 5 ½-Quart Signature Round Dutch Oven ($330) and the 9-Inch Heritage Square Baker ($50)𠅊re now available in the new color. But the 3 ½-Quart Round Wide Dutch Oven ($200, originally $285) is the best deal going right now. 

If Le Creuset’s now sold-out constellation print Dutch oven is any indication, this freshly-launched color could sell out quickly. Plus, orders over $59 are currently eligible for free shipping with the code SHIPFREE, so if you were considering buying a new piece of cookware this year, now’s the time.

Le Creuset's Agave Colorway Is Back in Stock

A blend of two colors, Agave is a first for the cookware company.

Earlier this year, Le Creuset launched a brand new hue that was unlike any color the brand had released before. Agave, as it's called, offers a rich pop of color to any kitchen. After selling out earlier this year, the dazzling tone is back in stock in many of the brand's signature items.

It was originally released around the new year and was touted as a celebration of new beginnings. The green-blue color was inspired by the agave azul plant and is a blend of two completely different color families&mdasha first for Le Creuset. Using its signature enameling process, Le Creuset applied the two colors separately to the same vessel to create the unique hue. "Green is applied first as an all-over color, and then blue is applied as the gradient," a blog post on Le Creuset's site says. "The green and blue harmonize and blend to create Agave, a new color that is much more than the sum of its parts."

Designed to be both multifaceted and harmonious, Agave complements and elevates the colors around it. But if you want specific color combo recommendations to tie your kitchen together, Le Creuset suggests pairing the new hue with Flame, a glowing orange color, and Licorice, a deep matte black hue.

From the brand's signature dutch ovens to cocottes, Agave is available in a wide variety of cookware. Shop some of our favorites ahead, and check out more Agave cookware at Le Creuset.

Le Creuset Launches First Ever Two-Tone Color

Every once in a while, Le Creuset sparks joy in the cooking community by rolling out a new color of their much-loved stoneware and cast-iron cookware, and the launch that kicked off the new year is especially exciting. The French brand just announced a new, seriously stunning hue called Agave, which, according to the brand is a cross-color gradation that includes two color families.

This teal-esque colorway has an almost ombre effect that feels like a richer, more complex version of the Deep Teal shade they launched in September. According to the brand, Agave's cross-color gradation includes jewel-toned shades of lush green and vibrant blue, which create an organic color inspired by the agave azul plant. Champagne gold knobs top off each piece, adding a subtle shot of on-trend shine.

“Something really magical happens when these rich tones blend together," says Christopher Scinto, VP of Marketing for Le Creuset. "We hope this revelatory hue inspires betterment and wonder in the new year."

Le Creuset Just Dropped a Brand New Colorway and You Can Get It on Sale

If you're looking to update your cookware for 2021, you're in luck. Le Creuset just launched a brand new hue that will add a rich pop of color to your kitchen.

Celebrating the idea of new beginnings that's associated with the new year, the French cookware company created Agave. A green-blue color inspired by the agave azul plant, Agave is a blend of two completely different color families—a first for Le Creuset. Using its signature enameling process, Le Creuset applied the two colors separately to the same vessel to create the unique hue. "Green is applied first as an all-over color, and then blue is applied as the gradient," a blog post on Le Creuset's site says. "The green and blue harmonize and blend to create Agave, a new color that is much more than the sum of its parts."

Designed to be both multifaceted and harmonious, Agave complements and elevates the colors around it. But if you want specific color combo recommendations to tie your kitchen together, Le Creuset suggests pairing the new hue with Flame, a glowing orange color, and Licorice, a deep matte black hue.

From the brand's signature dutch ovens to cocottes, Agave is available in a wide variety of cookware. Even better, now's a great time to fill your kitchen with the new hue because you can get a selection of it on sale right now. Shop some of our favorites ahead, and check out more Agave cookware at Le Creuset.

Le Creuset Just Launched the Most Adorable Limited-Edition Dutch Oven to Celebrate Pride Month

Love is in the air at Le Creuset. Earlier this week, the cult-favorite cookware company launched a special edition version of its signature round Dutch oven, which the company has affectionately renamed the Dutch L'OVEn. And yes, the design is just as adorable as its name might suggest. With a creamy white base speckled with a subtle pattern made up of tiny rainbow hearts, this new colorway is the perfect way to usher in Pride Month.

The adorable oven is on the pricier side at $380, but just know that a portion of all sales from the dutch L'OVEn will be donated to The Trevor Project, the nation's leading LGBTQ+ youth support organization. In a press release, Le Creuset says that they hope to help "ensure that LGBTQ youth have access to the vital support and resources that they need."

While this limited-edition motif is only available in one size, Le Creuset also expanded its collection with a new hue for spring: Artichaut (French for "artichoke"). This deep green was inspired by the richness of spring's backdrop. In the words of the French Cookware company, the color was "inspired by a vegetable so artful, its leaves are a mosaic waiting to flower. Le Creuset evokes the artichoke’s mystique in a chic, opulent green."

Artichaut is a staunch contrast to the familiar pastels that typically pervade most springtime collections. "Artichaut was crafted to reflect a desire for a renewed sense of comfort that comes with the change of season," the company explained in an Instagram post.

From the brand's signature Dutch oven and skillet to the most adorable artichoke plate, Artichaut is available in a variety of cookware. To purchase either the dutch L'OVEn or Artichaut cookware, you can visit Le Creuset's website or stores as well as Williams-Sonoma or browse a few of our favorites below:

Walmart Launches Hart, an Insanely Comprehensive Line of Tools

Everything from hedge trimmers to power drills to sanders, all at great prices.

If you ever undertake, or are planning to undertake, literally any home renovation or DIY project, we've got great news for you: You can now give your tool box a serious upgrade for a great price, thanks to Walmart. Today, the one-stop megashop announced Hart, its new in-house line of pretty much every tool you can imagine.

The line spans power tools to hand tools to outdoor appliances&mdashthere's even a lawn mower!&mdashplus places to store them, like an array of tool boxes and a seriously sturdy metal tool cabinet. Of course, given Walmart's notoriously low prices, the tools all come at insanely great cost for their value. Take it from me, as I got to try them out myself today. As somewhat of a drill enthusiast (hello, shelves, hooks, and wall art), I was impressed by the power of each model of handheld drill, which start at $69.99.

Somehow, the best part about the system isn't the prices. It's that the Hart system runs on a common battery, meaning you can buy a reusable battery to go with your drill, and then use it on your multi-tool, sander, or leaf blower. And yes, the brand sells tools without battery packs too, so you don't have to accrue unnecessary accessories (and can save some $ instead).

Several Hart tools are available now, as seen below, with more rolling out over the next few months. There will be more than 300 in all! That is to say: There couldn't be a better time to stock your tool kit. Someone's got to hang up and put together those holiday gifts, after all.

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For me, painterly patterns feel calmer. I grew up on Cape Cod, and the coastal landscape is comforting. Think about places and memories you have that make you feel relaxed, then look for patterns that evoke that same feeling. It doesn’t have to be representational or directly tied to a specific place, but more about honing in on what makes you feel at ease. Everyone is different, and some people feel relaxed in a super minimal space, whereas other people need that “more is more” layered look to feel cozy and comfortable.

I focused on creating patterns that could also easily be layered with other pieces to create different looks. You can keep it soft and minimal, or make it more layered, depending on what you like.

17 Gorgeous Mother’s Day Gifts to Get Your BFF Or Give to Yourself

Every mom in your life deserves a gift this Mother’s Day, and of course, that includes your BFF. She may not be your actual mom, but she’s definitely taken care of you when you needed it most, and that alone is reason enough to add her to your Mother’s Day shopping list. Plus, you’ll get to have some fun along the way since there’s a good chance you’re into similar things (who doesn’t want that Instagram-famous Always Pan or effortless beauty products that cut down her AM beauty routine in half?), so why not pick up a couple Mother’s Day gifts for yourself along the way? Hello, twinning mom BFF gifts. Speaking of matching, Kendra Scott’s newest friendship bracelet for Mother’s Day is the ultimate gift for the both of you.

From cult-favorite self-care gifts to bring the spa home to her (otherwise known as gifts that’ll help keep her from wanting to rip her hair out) to must-have accessories and functional items like a pretty olive-oil infused candle designed to absorb cooking smells that you know she desperately needs (but won’t buy for herself), we’ve rounded up the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for your BFF below.

Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you&rsquoll love as much as we do. Stanley and Foria are SheKnows sponsors, however, all products in this article were independently selected by our editors. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

A Cute Water Bottle

Who doesn’t need to stay hydrated? If you answered no one then you are correct, which is why Stanley’s 17oz IceFlow Water Bottle makes a great gift for you and your BFF. The bottle is leak-proof, portable and offers vacuum insulation to keep water cold all day long. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Gorgeous CBD Bath Salts

This year, give your BFF the gift she really wants: alone time. Foria’s new CBD bath salts trio, aptly named “Me Time,” will help her elevate her at-home self-care ritual while making her bathroom feel like a spa. The pretty set includes 2 oz. each of the Relief Bath Salts, Intimacy Bath Salts, and Wellness Bath Salts, so there’s an option for whatever mood she’s in. Crafted with calming botanicals like lavender, ginger, and rose, these CBD-infused bath salts are the perfect way to introduce her to CBD&mdashor give her another way to incorporate it into her wellness routine. Bonus: The set comes beautifully packaged, so it’s ready to be gifted right away.

Clean & Low Alcohol Apéritifs

The Instagram-famous brand known for its delicious, lower-alcohol apéritifs has taken over bar carts as of late, as many of us are looking to drink more consciously. Haus’ best-selling sampler kit&mdashwhich has sold out 4 times since launching&mdashincludes four flavors of your choice. The gourmet (and gorgeously packaged) apéritifs are made only with real fruits, herbs, and botanicals and have 18-20% ABV, so can enjoy happy hour without the hangover. Flavors include Rose Rosé, Citrus Flower, Grapefruit Jalepeño, and Lemon Lavender, so there’s truly an option for every mom’s taste.

Otherland Candle Set

The candle fanatic will fall for this Instagram-favorite brand. You can customize a set with three candles you’ll think she’ll love in scents with chic names like Chandelier and Rattan. You can choose to have the trio packed in a gorgeous Mother’s Day-themed box or a more generic floral design&mdashit’s complete with a a set of matches, so she’ll be ready to light up the ambiance right away. Bonus: You save $19 buying the bundle.

Tropical Plant

With warmer weather here, we all have summer vacationing on our brains. Help your hard-working BFF make her home feel like a relaxing oasis every day with this playful pineapple plant that she definitely doesn’t already have. Plant mom or not, she’s guaranteed to love it.

Brightland Olive Oil Set

Take her cooking game to the next level with these chic and delicious extra virgin olive oils. Made with hand-harvested heirloom tomatoes, these elevated oils are each made with specific food pairings in mind to make her time in the kitchen tastier and easier. The brand just launched a must-have 3-piece gift set, which includes a delicious olive oil, vinegar, and their brand new Digestif candle, which is made to be burned during or after cooking. And yep, the candle is made with olive oil!

Kendra Scott Mama Bracelet

She’ll fall in love with this elevated friendship-style bracelet by Kendra Scott. Get one for her and you so you can twin, and make sure to check out the matching necklace too!

Minimized Beauty Routine

Your BFF doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands to get ready in the AM, so help her out by gifting her some sustainable and effortless beauty products from Alleyoop that’ll give her a full face in half the time. The brand’s mission is to minimize your beauty routine to eliminate clutter and waste, so these products have busy moms’ names all over them. We recommend getting her the Beauty Starter kit, which includes their genius 4-in-1 brush 3-in 1 mirror compact that has blush, contour, and highlight and a creamy eyeshadow stick that blends with ease. You also save $25 buying the bundle!

Instagram-Famous Pan

Whether she’s a pro chef or a novice, she needs this gorgeous and smart pan. The Always Pan by Our Place does the work of 8 pieces of cookware and does everything from fry to steam. The brand just released a spring-ready terracotta color&mdashand new drops sell out almost always&mdashso if this is what you want to get her, make sure to add it to your cart ASAP.

Rifle Paper Co. AirPods Case

Dress up her AirPods with this spring-ready silicone case, adorned in Rifle Paper Co.’s signature floral print.

Luxe Watermelon Body Lotion

A couple of Glow Recipe’s watermelon products went viral on TikTok, so naturally, you need to get your BFF all the delicious watermelon beauty treats from the cult-favorite beauty line. This luxurious and ultra-nourishing body cream smells like summer in a bottle, so much that you might want to eat it&mdashbut please don’t! Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture, so it’ll hydrate thirsty skin in a flash.

Cult-Favorite Undies

Your BFF deserves some new undies, and it’s something she’s likely put on the back-burner to buy for herself. So, if you are really close, it won’t be weird at all to treat her to Parade’s fashionable, sustainable (made of recycled materials), and breathable unmentionables. This limited-edition set in celebration of Earth Month includes a rainbow of colors that are perfect for spring.

TikTok-Famous Athleisure

The super comfy crossover leggings by Aerie went viral on TikTok, and immediately sold out. Luckily, they’re back in stock and with new fun summer-ready styles&mdashfrom tie dye to metallic&mdashthat the athleisure-wearing/fitness-loving mama needs to elevate her comfy, yet cute workout wardrobe.

Slip Silk Scrunchies

These ouch-free silk scrunchies ensure that she doesn’t pull out her hair and prevent breakage. Whether she needs to pull back her hair during the day to get things done or uses them while sleeping or during her skincare routine, they’ll add a dose of luxury to her day.

Cozy Tie Dye WFH Shorts

Now that summer is near it’s time to switch up our usual WFH sweatpants look for some comfy shorts instead. These shorts from Mauby come with an adjustable waistband and two pockets to hold some of your necessities as you roam around the house (there’s also a matching hoodie!). Plus, this tie-dye look is such a fun way to add a pop of color to our daily life.

HaloVa diaper bag

Stylish, waterproof and multi-functional, this diaper bag is great for moms-to-be or new moms.

Mama Charm

This simple charm looks gorgeous on its own or with a few other charms on a necklace strand.

Before you go, check out these chic cookware brands that give Le Creuset a run for its money: