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Raspberry jam

Raspberry jam

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One of my favorites. I take care of the raspberries, cut them in the spring, prepare them for fruiting and I can't wait for them to ripen.

  • a deep plate full of raspberry tip
  • 1 kg of sugar

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


Carefully gather the raspberries, so that they are not too ripe, suitable, so that the whole fruit remains. Put them in the pan in which we make the jam, add the sugar and leave it until the next day, to leave the juice. The next day we boil it over low heat and we take care to take the foam formed. When it is ready to bind (we try the drop method, when the syrup drops on the teaspoon rarely start to fall off) we put it off the heat, cover the pan with a damp napkin and leave it to cool until the next day. Put in jars and keep in the pantry. It can be used on a lot of cakes.

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