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Mrs. Udrea's handbags

Mrs. Udrea's handbags

Servings: 10

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Mrs. Udrea's handbags:

Spread the dough a little, cut rectangles of 5x10 cm. We roll the bacon slice, put it on the dough, join the ends, and on top we glue a strip as a handle to the purse; grease with egg on top and sprinkle with sesame seeds; Bake for 15-20 minutes

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we serve them differently than with a glass of beer

The most efficient contributor to the magazine, Ramona Pop (who, after I left, had also saved Playboy for a few months in terms of covers), had just proposed a shock cover with Elena Udrea. In the fall of 2011, it was more in vogue than ever! Minister of Tourism and influential figure in Cotroceni, she was by far the hottest female character in Romania. Possibly, future president, an intention announced for the first time in the pictorial interview.

I negotiated several frames for the photo session, generally plastic allusions to famous women in world politics, from Eva Peronla Margaret Thatcher. But also historical references to Cleopatra or Jackie Kennedy. For the cover, in the style of the character transformations typical of Taboo, we chose to do a remake of Madonna, from a foreign cover in which she held the globe above her head - Atlas in ladylike version.

For the photo session, I really wanted Dragoş Cristescu, my old friend from Playboy, with whom I had worked excellently for Dragos has a fantastic sense of detail, has worked with many famous women and is not intimidated by the model, no matter who she is.

In addition, it had its own studio, which allowed us a certain degree of privacy. Well, that's the conditions in which about 20 people walked on the set, each with his well-established role, including Mrs. Udrea's advisers, led by Luminiţa Kohalmi, but also the driver-bodyguard-aide, whom the protagonist sent by several or at home to bring her various accessories and even clothes. Among them, the famous molded leather dress, which some have confused with the iconic latex piece from the props of sex shops.

I must say at the outset that the model Elena Udrea behaved impeccably during the 11 hours of photo shoot, postponing even more political meetings and party meetings in order to complete the entire storyboard. For a moment he did not show off his power, did not raise his voice, did not give directions. On the contrary, she was extremely receptive and proactive to all the suggestions she received. I can say that, before the time, I did not like her at all, especially since, in June 2010, after the launch of, after I had posted a photo anthology with Elena Udrea (which included, including, sensual images from the beach), m- I woke up with the site vandalized and the post compromised by unidentified hacking methods.

During a break from the photo shoot, I talked about this episode, but Mrs. Udrea seemed totally innocent:

"- Maybe it was the initiative of a fan of mine, I never ordered anything like that!".

Seduced by his charismatic presence, I was inclined to believe it. Anyway, beyond anything else, in the photo studio he managed to charm the world, even me, who had dozens of photo sessions with more or less hot stars. Elena Udrea was completely different, very cooperative. I would say very skillful, a good communicator. For example, when I suggested that she lift the hem of her dress a little above her knees, she would answer me out loud:

"It is not possible, Mr. Boerescu, I am, however, a minister!" so that everyone present could hear, then she would retreat alone into a corner and make the proposed adjustment, after which she would give me an insinuating smile. The coolest was when, seeing that I was stubbornly looking for allusive frames - erotic, provocative, he decided to send the driver home to bring him that leather dress.

The dress was very tight, the hem was actually cast, but it had one big disadvantage - it violently obscured the model's lavish neckline. And I, with that, at least reflexively and still could not agree! So I took my heart in my teeth and made Elena Udrea the most indecent proposal I could:

The dress had a half-naked back and, on the other hand, offered the long-desired neckline. Even though I was in a state of deep turmoil, I retained a trace of cynical discernment and asked to pose in both directions, both with my back and face. No one understood why, but I had already made my evil plan of "manipulation." I was already imagining what a media scandal would occur, even if I did not intuit its real proportions and its unprecedented international spread (with calls from CNN and France Presse, among others, with appearances on hundreds of sites and in hundreds of publications in the whole world etc.).

I kept the picture of the dress posed normally, with my face, like a joker. When, after a week, the public debate had softened a bit, I "accidentally" missed the respective picture, totally different from the official post, taken off the cover, in a making of article posted right on my website, bucatarescu. ro, by no means on

I was hoping, however, that someone would notice the image and snort in public. I endured two days and, when I was ready to call the newsrooms and pay attention to my colleagues from other publications, I finally "caught" the country's first poultry farmer, Iulia Albu. She called live on a show in which I was invited to talk about the backstage of the pictorial (I think at KanalD, at Mădălin Ionescu) and, alas, she "unmasked" me, accusing me of ordering a photoshop maneuver to highlight maximum the shocking pleasure of Elena Udrea, the owner of the most beautiful bust in Romanian politics.

And the debate heated up again and continued for some time, with enough comic-pathetic accents. That's right, I also contributed a little, pouring gas over the fire and giving deliberately contradictory pieces of information about the issue of cleavage - a fact for which, by the way, Luminiţa Kohalmi rebuked me very severely. But the exercise succeeded at incredible levels! I still remember the indignation of Corina Dragusescu ("-You cut the dress on the computer!") Or the confused air of Mihai Gâdea when he was told, in his headphones, by the director of the show, to give up the economic graphics with which he was preparing to attack the PDL government ("- Yes, we return to the subject of Elena Udrea, yes, this scandalous appearance in Tabu…").

It is certain that even Perez Hilton, the dreaded fashion commentator from Holywood, praised this cover with Elena Udrea on his blog!

A new deadline took place today in Gala Bute! Shot for Elena Udrea! Email announcing that Obreja is illegally asking the ministry to do the job!

A new term & icircn Gala Bute is taking place today. Three witnesses were heard, and the Court ruled that the new deadline would be December 12 at 11:00. In addition, it was decided to summon Iurie Ceban for the term of January 18, 2017.

Update 16:40

Alin Condoiu was heard.

"In 2011, I was working as head of procurement office. I am suspended from office now. The 2011 contract (no for the Straja company) was concluded between Lupeni City Hall and Termigaz, by negotiation, without publishing a contract notice. I discussed with Mayor Răsmerița.

There was a program in 2007, something like electrification in Romania. I submitted the documentation for the electricity supply of the Straja resort. It is as if I received 700,000 lei for Rom & acircnia skiing, for the Straja resort, from MDRT.

The network was 25-30 years old. He couldn't stand it anymore. Some of the works were carried out.

Discussions were held to identify solutions to the problems. And one was the contract without publishing the ad. I do not recall the existence of a discussion between me and Mayor Răsmerița for the conclusion of this contract. I witnessed a discussion in which the mayor said that MDRT can finance the works for electricity. I don't know if Udrea would have asked Răsmerița without a participation announcement ", said Condoiu.

Update 15:30

Vasile Mihalcea, former general manager of SN Apelor Minerale, was heard.

"I was general manager of SN a Apelor Minerale SA Bucharest between April 2009 and November 2, 2012. I did not attend the meeting of the Ministry of Economy about the sponsorship of the boxing gala. Usually, I delegate the technical director, Cristian Tudor. I don't know if it was him. We were not asked for the amount. & Icircn The Board of Directors established a sponsorship of 5,000 lei. Later, we asked FR Box to tell us what it spent the money on ", said Mihalcea.

UPDATE 11:15

Director & icircn ministry: "We drew Mrs. Udrea's attention by email that Obreja asked us to make the offer to the ministry in his place!"

Paul Marasoiu, former director general of the Ministry of Tourism, has been giving a torturous, evasive testimony that has stretched the court's nerves for almost two hours.

He did not want to bother anyone, especially Udrea and Obreja.
Step by step, the judges made him remember what he told the prosecutors.

They reminded him, for example, that in June 2011 he sent an email telling his colleagues and Minister Udrea that he had just arrived there. .

Initial news:

Elena Udrea She was sent to trial in this case on April 21, being accused of bribery, abuse of office and attempting to use false, inaccurate or incomplete documents or statements to obtain European funds unjustly.

Former Minister of Economy Ion Ariton, former President of the Romanian Boxing Federation, Rudel Obreja, Tudor Breazu, administrator of the lands in Nana owned by Elena Udrea, Ștefan Lungu, former councilor of Elena Udrea, Gheorghe Nastasia, former secretary, are also being investigated in the case. general & icircn Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, Ana Maria Topoliceanu, former director of the National Investment Company and Dragoș Marius Botoroaga, administrator of a company.

Mrs. Udrea's boasca and whey

Summer season we are nearing the end and we get drunk with cold water again. The boom promised by Elena Udrea, under the folds of the old brand (& # 8220Land of choice & # 8221), launched in Paris by the minister herself, turned out to be a joke. Neither the French nor the Germans, nor others, crowded into the charters of the great tour operators, to fill the hotels, many dilapidated or barely vacated, on the Seaside, to lie on the late leased and arranged beaches or to bathe in the dirty water, in which the localities on the shore dump their manure. Somehow, the owners blamed the weekend tourists, especially the people from Bucharest, who were driven away from home by the endless heat wave of this summer. But this is not an organized, civilized, efficient and attractive tourism, it is a whisper, an improvisation. In the ministry's policy, the Seaside has become a pariah, as has the Danube Delta. Two gifts of nature are ignored or too little taken into account by a minister for whom, for about two years, the priority of priorities has become the development of the Suceava of party colleague Gheorghe Flutur or Petroşani, where the mayor's husband Ridzi is the mayor.

Wide openHowever, any idea can boost tourism, especially foreign tourism, Ms. Udrea announces a new surprise. Related to spa tourism. Not the classic one, from the resorts that once made Romania famous, these are in ruins. I heard her talk with pathos about the balneotherapy with whey and boasca (the waste left after the grapes are squeezed), which she wants to promote as soon as possible. I also imagine a bunch of Parisians, Londoners and New Yorkers fighting for a place in the puddings of whey and boas wearing the endorsement of Mrs. Udrea's leaf. Now, let's not be bad, the poor woman thinks and knows so much, she does so much. That the position would require something extra, a strategic vision, especially in the medium and long term, is something else entirely.

Elena Udrea's lawyer: The chances of her being extradited from Costa Rica are zero

Veronel Rădulescu, Elena Udrea's lawyer, declared on Thursday morning that & # 8222 the chances are zero & # 8221 for her to be extradited from Costa Rica.

& # 8222It is in the custody of the Costa Rican authorities. We're not talking about an arrest. We can speak of a temporary detention until the legal situation is resolved. It is possible to order a preventive measure during the settlement of the extradition request, but we hope that this measure will be a surveillance one & # 8221, said Rădulescu, present at the General Prosecutor's Office, according to Agerpres.

Asked what are the chances that Elena Udrea and Alina Bica will be extradited and brought to Romania, the lawyer specified: & # 8222In my opinion, the chances are zero. I have a lot of arguments. Elena Udrea's daughter is a Costa Rican citizen, and Costa Rica's child protection law prohibits the child's separation from her parents. That's why I said the chances are zero. And as for Alina Bica, as far as I know, convicted of a crime of favoring the offender, I know that this crime has no correspondent in Costa Rican law and as such cannot be enforced. It is also a provision in the international convention signed by Costa Rica. (& # 8230) At the moment, the girl is in the care of Mrs. Udrea's mother and father, Adrian Alexandrov, at their home in Costa Rica & # 8221.

Elena Udrea and Alina Bica were detained by police in Costa Rica on Wednesday night.

Pressure on the court in the Gala Bute case: "The HCCJ communiqué contains a message with dedication"

& Icircnalta Court of Cassation and Justice issued a statement regarding the case in Gala Bute. Judicial sources announce for G4media that the magistrates sounded an alarm signal regarding the Parliamentary Control Commission of SRI, which would be involved in this case.

This communiqué appears under the conditions in which the president of the SRI Commission, Claudiu Manda, announced that he will ask the Service for details regarding the existence of a cooperation plan with DNA in this case, the quoted source also announces.

Manda's request arose under the conditions under which Elena Udrea made a request to the SRI commission to declassify the secret note of the SRI, presented by Traian Băsescu, about which the former president claimed that he was targeting the case Gala Bute.

"The point is that this commission checks this document, interprets the meaning of a defendant's innocence and addresses the SRI to verify that there were investigative teams in this case, doing evidence at the request of a defendant. Therefore, the only case of interference of an authority was & icircn the file Udrea ", explained for sources from the magistracy.

What does the statement & IcircCCJ issued yesterday look like

"The High Court of Cassation and Justice considers it necessary to reaffirm the importance of respecting the independence of the judiciary, as a premise of the rule of law and a fundamental guarantee of a fair trial. The independence of the judiciary is not a privilege of the judge. the basis of law and evidence, without external influences of any kind.

In order to guarantee the independence of the judiciary, it is essential to maintain the trust of the population in the justice system, and the preservation of this trust requires that no other authority give the impression that judicial decisions could be influenced in any way.

"In considering this desideratum, the High Court of Cassation and Justice emphasizes the importance of moderation in the public discourse on matters of justice and, even more so, in those on cases pending before the courts, regardless of the procedural stage."

Notification of Băsescu and Udrea

On Wednesday, the parliamentarians of the SRI Commission discussed a notification of the former Minister of Tourism, Elena Udrea, which was corroborated with the previous one, which was sent to the commission by Traian Băsescu, the former president.

& ldquoWe went through the notification that Mr. Traian Basescu. We corroborated this notification with another notification that came to us today (Wednesday & ndash n.r.) from Mrs. Udrea, through a lawyer. There are a number of things I have concluded.

& Icircn first r & acircnd, we decided & acirct to ask SRI the note at which Mr. Basescu also refers to the one he sent us. We have the note number from that date. Let's see if that note that Mr. Traian Băsescu is authentic.

Secondly, we decided to ask SRI for the cooperation plan, because in that note we are talking about a cooperation plan, with a number. Let's see if that plan existed and what this plan of cooperation between SRI and DNA entailed. We have decided to ask the SRI to tell us whether those joint teams existed in that criminal case or criminal cases and whether they worked and how they worked, "Claudiu Manda told Parliament on Wednesday (May 23rd).

He wished to state that, if the note were true, a number of conclusions would be drawn.

"One: that there was cooperation between SRI and DNA in that case, which is related to Gala Bute. Two: that DNA sent to the High Court of Cassation and Justice an address that said there was no collaboration between SRI and DNA on on the basis of the protocol, but only on the basis of the law, although & icircn note references are made to the articles in the protocol and to that cooperation plan.

Three: what I noticed is that in 2011 there was that information note from SRI to DNA, which was about people who are somehow in the file "lala" Bala Bute ", where there were suspicions of corruption, no threat to national security , and from what I understand (& hellip) the respective persons became witnesses or denouncing witnesses and the defendant became Mrs. Udrea, although & icircn that information is not spoken at all about Mrs. Udrea that she would be guilty of something & rdquo. & ldquoInteresting is the fact that the address was from 2011, the respective note, and the file started in 2015 ", added Manda according to the quoted source.

All these things appear in the context in which the panel of 5 judges from the High Court of Cassation and Justice, which is judging the Gala Bute case, asked the DNA to specify which evidence in the case was compiled based on the SRI-Prosecutor's Office protocol. According to DNA, there was a collaboration with SRI strictly based on the law, not the protocol. The support would have been only technical, ie the service officers helped the prosecutors to execute the technical supervision mandates and to make technical-scientific findings. Also, according to DNA, SRI's support was informative, meaning that SRI made the information held available to prosecutors.

The reaction of the DNA to the ICCJ was not to the liking of the defense, so Traian Băsescu, as well as Elena Udrea, addressed the SRI Commission.

Elena Udrea, first reaction after being sentenced to 8 years in prison: "It was a shock"

Elena Udrea reacted to Antena 3, after being sentenced on Tuesday to eight years in prison (six years with execution, plus a 2-year increase) by the Bucharest Court of Appeal. However, the decision is not final.

& # 8222It was a shock to me. I returned to the country with the conviction that something has changed in Justice and that you can defend yourself, which I did not do in the Gala Bute case. That you can defend yourself, bring evidence, and prove that the accusations of Ms. Kovesi's prosecutors are illegal, unproven & # 8221, Elena Udrea told Antena 3.

I tried in this case, I really don't know what else I could do. From this point of view I am calm, I did everything that could be done. I brought all the evidence that could be brought that the accusations of the prosecutors were out of touch with reality.

Elena Udrea:

The former Minister of Regional Development and Tourism defended himself by stating that & # 8222the court recognizes that there is no legal regulation for taking bribes for another, as my deed was described, so this judge acknowledges that there is no text of law to incriminate the facts & # 8222 8221.

& # 8222Although the judge admits that this was the case and that there was no incriminating text of law, she sentenced me to 6 years in prison with execution, saying that, in fact, there were some international treaties to which Romania had adhered. Well, international treaties apply only in terms of human rights, and then, if domestic law does not provide more favorable clauses for citizens & # 8221, Elena Udrea explained.

Elena Udrea accused the judge of the Court of Appeal who gave the decision on Tuesday.

If they just wanted to give him a warning or take revenge on Traian Băsescu, to attack him, it was enough of the six accusations brought against me, to convict me on one, it was the same thing. Why did they have to convict me of even the most absurd of accusations?

Elena Udrea:

& # 8222However, the judge also convicts me of this money laundering. This woman wanted to convict me on every prosecution charge. Greater proof of servitude, of response to the order, that I can't believe he has anything personal with me, I can't believe that he hates me so much that he wants to condemn even the most absurd accusations - they brought in this file & # 8221, Elena Udrea also declared.

& # 8222This woman made an absurd decision! I don't know how he will sleep at night! I curse her for her children to feel what my child feels & # 8221, Elena Udrea concluded angrily.

At the last term of the trial at the Bucharest Court of Appeal, on January 26, 2021, the DNA prosecutor of the hearing requested that Elena Udrea be sentenced to 12 years in prison for instigating bribery and money laundering, informs

& # 8222All facts are in real competition. "Please also apply an increase in punishment, by virtue of the gravity of the acts committed in view of the position held and the total contempt for the law," the prosecutor said.

Elena Udrea, at the time Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, directly involved in the campaign of Traian Basescu, candidate in the 2009 presidential election, was sent to court for instigating bribery (two acts) and money laundering (five acts) ).

Elena Udrea's apple and posters cause a scandal in the Republic of Moldova!

The People's Party of the Republic of Moldova (PPRM) held a press conference in Chisinau today to discuss Elena Udrea and her election campaign.
& # 8222We want to dispel the confusion that has arisen during this campaign. As you know, our electoral symbol is the Apple. There is a presidential candidate in Romania who has the whole apple as his electoral symbol. It is about Mrs. Elena Udrea, who represents the Popular Movement Party and who is running as a representative of the current president Traian Băsescu. PPRM states that there is no connection between the two political parties, our party and Mrs. Elena Udrea's party. We chose the Apple as a symbol in February last year, a few months before the appearance of Mrs. Udrea's party, which was founded on May 18, 2013 & # 8221, said Alexandru Oleinic, PPRM president.
He also specified that, unlike Elena Udrea, the party she leads & # 8222 militates for a radical political change in the Republic of Moldova, while Mrs. Elena Udrea represents, in Romania, a policy of continuity. & # 8221
& # 8222For us any confusion between PPRM and Mrs. Elena Udrea's party, is against us and we protest against any attempt to compromise by association with Mrs. Udrea & # 8221, said the leader of the People's Party of the Republic of Moldova who also referred to the slogan and the image of Elena Udrea, about whom she says that & # 8222 is not good for Moldova too & # 8221.
& # 8222And to make things even clearer, we invite you to look at and compare our posters with those of Mrs. Elena Udrea. Here, we can say without a doubt that our girls are more beautiful than theirs. And if Mrs. Udrea is considered & # 8216Good for Romania & # 8217 as is her slogan, we can say, by comparison with our poster, that Mrs. Udrea & # 8216 is not Good for Moldova & # 8217. Ours is more beautiful. & # 8221 concluded Alexandru Oleinic, the PPRM leader.

Mr. Băsescu's fumes

But it is not the cigarette that is the theme of my drafts, but the smoke of Mr. Băsescu. The smoke figured. Then the way he is counseled and likes to be counseled. However, there is a difference between the reaction of Mrs. Săftoiu and the reaction of Mrs. Udrea as from heaven to earth. Adriana Săftoiu is no longer in Cotroceni and it seems that she is not in the president's favor either. Mrs. Udrea is in Cotroceni every night, and when it comes, the president says, "responsible for optimism", the rest of the activities, say people inside, "are paralyzed".

The president and his high lady met these days in Covasna. I hear that the press would have linked the visit to high state needs, respectively the solution of the centuries-old Szekler issue. A relative of Mr. Băsescu, however, draws my attention to the detail that Ceausescu's villa in Covasna fascinates the current tenant from Cotroceni. It surpasses, as we noted the other day, the one from Olăneşti as endowments of the treatment base (all mounted inside so that the mountain and the outside springs are found in the salon version), as fast, luxurious and even good taste. The president ordered that this castle no longer be auctioned, but kept for presidential purposes. Where are the times when the People's House, where today not only Romanian parliamentarians are crowded, but also all international meetings, had to be changed, according to the proposal of a philosopher in, I quote, "national urinal", and the presidents not to stay in his villas Ceausescu, but in the block? You probably remember the moments after the Revolution when the anger over the dictator's opulence was boundless. The gold doorknobs, the gold sinks in the bathrooms, the gold chandeliers, the gold walls, were all shown on television. Today they have become popular again and are no longer made of gold. Iliescu, then Constantinescu, then Băsescu won the electorate, inflicting with proletarian anger the respective golden handles.

I pray, but I do not want to write about this subject, but about the way in which the president of the country agrees to be advised. I will relate two events. Both were collected from inside the Cotroceni Palace and have as central characters the women around the president. It was March 8 and Mrs. Elena Udrea, then an official counselor and not a volunteer like today, wanted the president to offer to the women of the Palace, from Renate Weber to the broomsticks with the rank of colonel, gold martisoare. The President agreed. But when they put the order forward, those with the money from the administration, God-fearing officials, got scared. If the press finds out, if the world hears us? Who the hell gave (even in the time of the kings such a thing was not done) gold martisoare? They conveyed their fear to the president. He gave back. Okay, he said, do as you please! The administrators took flowers. That's right, the most expensive flowers on the market. Elena Udrea, however, went mad. Consequently, the blonde counselor, on her own money (or through sponsors?) Ordered gold martisoare and gave them to the employees in the palace. Here's a damn counselor.

The second incident has as heroine our former press colleague Adriana Săftoiu. On a trip abroad, one of the few significant of the president, in a large and important country for us, a festive meal was organized. Traian Băsescu, sitting next to the host presidential family, lit a cigarette. Adriana Săftoiu, located opposite, at the same table, quickly wrote a note to Mr. Băsescu. "Do you see anyone else doing what you do?" There were 250 guests. The cream of that country. Basescu read the note, crumpled it and continued smoking.

We know very well the rules of smoking in the world. There is even a worldwide anti-smoking campaign, successful in civilized countries. I remember that in Luxembourg, once, I was on the street, in front of a shop window with a comrade who was welding cigarette by cigarette. My colleague lit a cigarette and the next moment an elegant old lady approached us. She looked at him reproachfully and even with hatred, and I expected her to articulate a purse on her head from one moment to the next.

But it is not the cigarette that is the theme of my drafts, but the smoke of Mr. Băsescu. The smoke figured. Then the way he is counseled and likes to be counseled. However, between Mrs. Săftoiu's reaction and Mrs. Udrea's reaction, there is a difference from heaven to earth. Adriana Săftoiu is no longer in Cotroceni and it seems that she is not in the president's favor either. Mrs. Udrea is in Cotroceni every night, and when it comes, according to the president, "responsible for optimism", the rest of the activities, say people inside, "are paralyzed". Two small events, two real events, two events that can say something or that can't say anything. Goodbye.

1 Romanian out of 3 watched Dan Negru's New Year's Eve

Cum știm de 21 de ani, emisiunea lui Dan Negru e pe primul loc de Revelion, la mare distanță de orice alt show. Interesant este ce s-a întâmplat pe pozițiile următoare: locul al doilea pentru România TV la nivelul întregii țări și la orașe, dar și intrarea în Top 5 a postului public TVR 1, care au avut Revelion cu Mugur Mihaescu – Garcea, Radu Pietreanu și Dan Bittman.

Cu vârfuri care au ajuns la aproape 3,6 milioane de români, Revelionul lui Dan Negru a fost de câteva ori peste locurile următoare. Cota de piață – peste 30%, dovedește că unul din trei români care se uita la televizor în noaptea dintre ani era pe Antena 1. La minutul de aur, care s-a înregistrat la ora 23:05, 3.577.000 de români urmăreau Revelionul Starurilor 2021 cu Dan Negru, pe Antena 1, cifrele înregistrate fiind de 20.3 puncte de rating și 41.3% cota de piață.

Video: In cautarea APARTAMENTULUI PERFECTCAUT CHEIA (December 2021).