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10 Healthy and Filling Store-Bought Snacks to Fuel Your Workday

10 Healthy and Filling Store-Bought Snacks to Fuel Your Workday

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It’s not easy to eat healthy while sitting at your desk. It’s much simpler to grab something from the vending machine than think about what’s healthy and nutritious, but with a little bit of planning, you can snack healthy every day of the week — no slicing or dicing involved.

10 Healthy and Filling Store-Bought Snacks to Fuel Your Workday (Slideshow)

It wasn’t so long ago when the term “store-bought snack” was synonymous with junk food. Reaching for a snack at your desk meant tapping into the pretzel bin, opening a bag of chips, or attacking a sleeve of Ritz crackers. If you wanted something healthy, that entailed dicing up carrot sticks before work, and nobody has time for that. Thankfully, there’s been a snack food revolution in recent years, and just about every supermarket is carrying quick and easy packaged snacks that’ll have you snacking smarter.

Whereas unhealthy snacks are usually loaded with sodium, sugar, fat, or carbohydrates (or all of the above), nowadays there are plenty of options for those who are looking to eat healthier. More and more people are realizing that just because something is “fat free” doesn’t mean it’s healthy; some healthy snacks contain plenty of fat, but instead of being from partially hydrogenated soybean oil, it’s from nuts and seeds. Simple sugars and carbohydrates may create a temporary energy boost, but whole grains and protein digest more slowly, giving you sustained energy without the blood sugar spike or resulting crash.

So the next time you’re in the supermarket, take a look around and see what other options are available before you reach for your usual deskside nosh. Whether you decide to eat these as part of your breakfast or when you’re starting to feel tired in the afternoon, you won’t regret keeping them handy. Not only will they make you feel satisfied, your body will be thanking you.

Barbara’s is perhaps best known for their Puffins line of cereals, but their new “Better Granolas” are also some of the tastiest around. The granolas are Non-GMO Project verified; contain 10 grams of protein, 30 grams of whole grains, and six grams of fiber per serving; and have just a touch of sugar. They make for a great snack right out of the box as well as a wholesome breakfast, and there are even some Puffins thrown into the mix.

Nabisco’s belVita breakfast biscuits may be found in the cracker aisle, but thanks to their blend of whole grains —rolled oats and rye are the first ingredient — they provide a lot more sustained energy than the competition. Each pack has four biscuits (one of which will actually fill you up for breakfast) and contains three grams of protein and three grams of dietary fiber. They're also available in Bites and Soft Baked varieties.


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