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GBD Serves the Best Donut in Washington, DC

GBD Serves the Best Donut in Washington, DC

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What, exactly, is a donut? At The Daily Meal, we define a donut as an item that you would expect to see in a donut shop: the familiar ones we know and love (of both the raised and cake varieties), like crullers, apple fritters, and other donut-shop classics — you know them when you see them.

So, in order to assemble our most-recent ranking of the 25 best in the country, we more than doubled the number on the previous list from the year before. We stuck to strict criteria in looking for the best individual donuts in America: Freshness is key; are these legendary donuts — ones that inspire cultish devotion to the shop that sells them? We considered both plain glazed and extravagantly topped creations, but there needs to be a balance between all the components, be it bacon or blueberry jelly. Most importantly, these donuts need to be almost too good: fresh, soft, gooey, perfectly proportioned, and intended to leave you wanting just one more bite. There were over two dozen we believed deserved to be included on our list, and as it turns out, one can be found in Washington, D.C.

GBD (short for "Golden Brown and Delicious") was opened in 2012 by the husband-and-wife duo of chef Kyle Bailey and pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac, and they raised the bar when it comes to D.C. donuts. Open from early in the morning to very late at night, they serve some insanely delicious fried chicken, but the crowds flock for the donuts. With a brioche base and the deft hand of a truly skilled pastry chef, available varieties include grapefruit Campari, coffee cake, and peanut butter and jelly, but the award goes to the square maple-bourbon glazed donut topped with crumbled bacon. Airy, sticky, and perfectly balanced, the bacon is no gimmick: it perfectly complements the maple and bourbon and makes for a truly craveable donut.

It’s so good, it made it to #25 on our national list, and since it’s the only one from the city to make our ranking, it’s also the title winner of the best donut in Washington, D.C.

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken Will Give Out Free Doughnuts Monday Morning

Friday marked the official debut of GBD, the Dupont fried chicken and doughnut spot from the Neighborhood Restaurant Group. Prior to its grand opening, GBD held a soft opening of sorts, giving out free food to its happy early fans.

On Monday, April 8, we welcome a second fried chicken and doughnut destination to downtown DC—Astro. And guess what, fans of free fritters? Those are part of the plan once more. The restaurant from partners Elliot Spaisman and Jeff Halpern (Jason Gehring is the pastry chef) will be giving away gratis pastries on opening day to the first 200 people in line. Astro opens with limited hours in its first week—from 8 AM until everything sells out. After that you can get your greasy goodies from 7:30 to 6 on weekdays. Check out the full menu after the jump.

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken. 1308 G St., NW. Regular hours: Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 6 PM.

Fried Chicken: 2 pieces $5.25, 4 pieces $10, 8 pieces $18.50. 3 chicken tenders for $5.

Traditional buttermilk—Chef Jason’s family recipe
Korean-style—double fried
Spicy garlic—Korean chili paste and garlic glaze
Sriracha—Spicy Asian glaze

Cheddar and chive doughnut with buttermilk fried chicken, Benton’s bacon, lettuce, tomato, and Sriracha mayo.

Sides: $1.95 per 6-ounce container

Doughnuts: Prices range from $2.25 to $2.85 per piece. Orders by the dozen include 12th doughnut on the house.

Daily Selection (available every day)

Vanilla Glazed—vanilla bean glaze ($2.25)
Brooklyn Blackout—devil’s food cake, chocolate glaze, cookie crumbs ($2.50)
Maple Bacon—maple glaze, Benton’s bacon ($2.50)
Peanut Butter & Jelly—strawberry jelly, peanut butter glaze ($2.85)
Crème Brûlée—vanilla custard, brûléed vanilla glaze ($2.85)
Twink-nut—golden vanilla cake, buttercream filling, vanilla glaze ($2.50)
Seasonal: **In honor of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, a specialty doughnut filled with black cherry compote and an Earl Grey tea glaze will be available every day through April 14 for $2.85.

Lemon Blueberry—blueberry cake, lemon glaze, streusel ($2.50)
Pistachio—pistachio glaze and crumble, chocolate drizzle ($2.25)
Salted Caramel—caramel glaze, almonds, fleur de sel ($2.25)
Applesauce—cinnamon dough, apple compote, caramel glaze ($2.85)
Lemon Passionfruit—lemon curd, passionfruit glaze ($2.85)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip—chocolate chip cake, peanut butter glaze, cookie crumbs ($2.50)
Saigon Cinnamon—cinnamon dough, cinnamon glaze ($2.25)
Espresso—espresso dough, espresso glaze ($2.25)
White chocolate mocha—espresso dough, white ganache, espresso glaze ($2.85)
Creamsicle—orange curd, blood orange glaze ($2.85)

Pumpkin—pumpkin raisin cake, maple glaze, gingersnap crumbs ($2.50)
Carrot Cake—carrot dough, cream cheese glaze, pecans ($2.25)
Piña Colada—pineapple compote, coconut glaze ($2.85)
Boston Cream—vanilla custard, chocolate glaze ($2.85)
Triple Chocolate – chocolate dough, chocolate custard, chocolate glaze ($2.85)

Banana Nut—banana cake, mascarpone glaze, pecans ($2.50)
Gingerbread—gingerbread dough, gingerbread glaze ($2.25)
Grapefruit—pink grapefruit glaze ($2.25)
Black & White—chocolate dough, white ganache, vanilla glaze ($2.85)
Gianduia—chocolate dough, chocolate custard, hazelnut glaze ($2.85)

Chocolate Glazed—Valrhona chocolate glaze ($2.25)
Pecan—butterscotch glaze, pecans ($2.25)
Mocha—espresso dough, chocolate custard, espresso glaze ($2.85)
Oatmeal raisin—oatmeal dough, buttercream filling, granola crumbs ($2.85)
S’mores—chocolate cake doughnut, dark chocolate glaze, graham cracker crumbs, meringue ($2.50)

Panna Water: $1.75
San Pellegrino Aranciata: $1.75.
Coffee: Brooklyn Roasting Company: $2.15/12 oz. $2.50/16 oz.

It’s National Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day may not have the same sort of widespread recognition as, say, Halloween or Take Your Daughter to Work Day, but we still think it deserves to be celebrated. And with doughnut fever sweeping Washington, you have more ways than ever to get your holey pastry fix. Check out the links below for recipes, restaurants, and more.

From last year’s National Doughnut Day, Washingtonian staffers share where they go to indulge in holey fried pastries.

The results of our Great Doughnut Derby, in which we pitted local institutions against one another, March Madness-style, to determine the best of the best.

New Doughnut Destinations

Get the recipe for the Inn at Easton’s cinnamon-sugar doughnuts.

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Lindstrom Bakery

We had never heard of a Scandinavian donut until a trip along the upper Mississippi River took us past a small bakery in Lindstrom, Minnesota, that wants the world to know it is the Norske donut’s home.

Proprietor Bernetta Coulombe, whom all know as Bernie, said that her late husband endlessly fussed and fiddled with the recipe until he got it right. We asked her, “Why are they called Scandinavian?”

She answered: “Because I am Scandinavian and I make them.”

Ok, then. These donuts are in fact very similar to a regular sinker, but richer, darker, and with a crisp, lusciously oily surface. The cake-rich rounds of dough are available plain, glazed, chocolate-frosted, and cinnamon-sugared. They are small but substantial.

Beyond donuts, this town bakery offers shelves of Swedish white bread, caraway limpa bread, raisin rye, caramel rings, and coffee cakes. A sign on the wall notes that everything for sale is made every day.

While much business at Lindstrom’s is take-out, there is a small dining area to which customers bring their donuts, cookies, or sweet rolls for eating on premises. One mid-morning when we came by, the big table was occupied by 8 old-timers playing some sort of dice game, drinking coffee, and neighboring.

10 Air Fryer Donut Recipes You Owe to Yourself to Try

The air fryer is our new favorite appliance to play with, making everything from chicken wings to Brussels sprouts. But it’s not just for savory dishes—say hello to air fryer donuts! We’ve rounded up 10 awesome donut recipes made for the air fryer, from the quick and easy canned biscuit variety to more involved raised donuts. Scroll down to see them all.

DC Donut Crawl

“I don’t like doughnuts” – Said by no one I would ever want to hang out with.

“I love doughnuts so much that I’m going to create an event in which attendees ride bikes to various doughnut shops.” – Said by a brilliant man who deserves a handshake, hug, and a bouquet of doughnuts.

That man is Erik Luchauer and in 2013 he had a dream. A simple dream that involved stuffing his face with doughnuts and riding his bike. Turns out he’s not the only person who’s dreamed of spokes and fried dough, because 250 hungry cyclists joined him last November to take an eight-mile bike ride to hit up four DC doughnut shops. This year’s crawl is set for June 7th, so grease your bike chains up and empty your stomachs.

In addition to a four-mile bike ride and three doughnut shops, this year a portion of the proceeds from the crawl will benefit Food For Life, a project of Care Company. Food For Life uses food to educate and train low income young adults in Washington, DC. Sure if you teach a man how to fish he’ll feed himself for a lifetime, but if you teach him how to cook that fish, it will taste a hell of a lot better and maybe he’ll be the next DC restaurateur (watch out, Mike Isabella). Some of the program’s previous graduates are already working in DC restaurants, contributing to the area’s food culture.

Erik handled the project solo last year as it evolved from a word-of-mouth crawl with a few friends, to an official event with its own logo, website, and online registration. The whole thing came together so fast, that before Erik even realized it, he was in charge of a full-fledged doughnut crawl! This year, to help ease the burden, he’s enlisted the help of Will Fischer (who planned a similar event in St. Louis called the Tour D’Onut) and BicycleSPACE, a local bike shop who’s agreed to sponsor the event.

This year’s stops include three delicious DC doughnut shops:

1. Golden Brown Delicious (GBD) – Pastry Chef, Tiffany MacIsaac whips up a great balance of traditional doughnuts (like the classic Vanilla Glazed) as well as new twists including Cranberry Fritter, Samoa, and Passion Fruit. They also serve fried chicken for lunch and dinner that is…well…golden, brown, and delicious.

2. Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken – Having been ranked by the Washington Post as being the best doughnut in DC, the Crème Brûlée doughnut at Astro is worth the four-mile bike ride alone. I can say from personal experience that this doughnut will change your life (goodbye, Dunkin’ Donuts). But don’t make plans for lunch.

3. District Doughnut – The crawl ends with a reception hosted by District Doughnut where crawlers can enjoy music, doughnut-themed games, food vendors, and plenty of those magical fried rings of deliciousness. As one of the newer entrants into the DC doughnut scene, Owner and Executive Pastry Chef, Christine Schaefer has created a formidable doughnut menu including Cannoli, Orange Chocolate, and (the one that I most want to try) BROWN BUTTER.

I had an engaging conversation with Erik about the DC Donut Crawl, doughnuts, and food in general. His fondest memory of the circular treats was a Maple Bar doughnut from Daylight Donuts in Searcy, Arkansas. He remembered it being a well-done, perfectly simple maple doughnut which helped him get through many early-morning classes in college. As we reminisced about doughnuts past and our love of the many brilliant food options in Vienna, VA, I realized something…

Erik Luchauer is just an ordinary guy with a passion for doughnuts.

It’s inspiring to see someone take the initiative to organize an event like this, which not only creates a fun experience for the attendees and helps support a local charity, but also promotes three brilliant doughnut-makers. The most effort I’ve ever put into my love of those golden rings was stuffing a dozen from Stan’s Doughnuts in LA into my checked bag to transport back home (shockingly none were confiscated by TSA agents for “national security”). So I’m clearly not putting in as much effort as Erik.

He was very appreciative of any and all supporters and he said that even one single retweet on Twitter was helpful. That’s a fantastic attitude to have and it helps boil down why we (foodies, bloggers, tweeters, etc.) do anything: We’re just looking for someone else to share an experience with. Doesn’t matter if it’s two friends or two hundred strangers. For me, just chatting with Erik for an hour was worth all of the time and effort I put into this blog, tweeting, and “testing” recipes.

So there’s bike riding, doughnuts, a ton cool people, AND you get to help a great cause. I can’t see any downsides to this event, so hurry up and register right now. Don’t have a bike? No excuse, because Capitol BikeShare is offering 50 free 1-day memberships to crawlers.

More information can be found at and definitely follow @DCDonutCrawl on Twitter for updates and random doughnut-inspired tweets.

How our doughnut judging worked

Every Thursday for the past quarter, seven of us have gathered in a Post conference room on a mission: Taste and judge doughnuts.

Sounds simple, right? Not so much. For one thing, before we started, we needed criteria. I insisted that we try as many doughnuts from as many places as possible, but that immediately presented logistical challenges: How would we manage such a quantity?

With doughnuts sold at bakeries, at restaurants high and low, and from delivery services and food trucks, we knew we had to narrow our focus. Our first decision: We would taste only from places in the Washington area where a customer could go most any day of the week to quickly and easily get some fried rounds to go. No ordering dinner and waiting for dessert (sorry, Palena). No waiting for Saturday and heading to a farmers market (sorry, Mac’s Donuts). And no places that serve pre-fab doughnuts made elsewhere (sorry, Starbucks).

When we counted what we had left, it was 24: Yes, two dozen shops that we could feature two at a time for . . . a dozen weeks of doughnuts. At the end of the first rounds, we would return to each shop and sample its winning doughnut against all the other winners for a grand decision about the best. Here’s how we pulled off and structured those tastings:

●On Thursday mornings, freelance writer Nevin Martell picked up the doughnuts, sometimes enlisting help from a Post staffer to manage the farthest-flung places. We bought three samples of up to 12 varieties. (Exceptions: In the case of our sole delivery-service contestant, District Doughnut, we were required to buy three dozen. In the case of our sole food truck representative, Mama's Donut Bites, we bought a dozen because they’re tiny.)

●We photographed, measured and weighed each doughnut and recorded its price.

●We evaluated each doughnut for appearance and then cut it into bite-size pieces (usually one-eighth of a doughnut) for tasting. We tried to make sure each taster got a bite that included every element of the doughnut, if possible.

●On tasting sheets marked with the name of the bakery and each doughnut, we also scored them on five criteria — dough, glaze/frosting, topping, filling, originality and overall — and wrote comments.

●The tastings were not conducted blind, but to prevent any undue influence from one judge to another, they were conducted in silence until judges recorded their scores. (We tried our best, but sometimes we were unable to restrain reactions: either moans of approval or grunts of despair.)

●Regular tasters were myself Martell deputy Food editor Bonnie S. Benwick staff writer Tim Carman editorial aide Becky Krystal and multiplatform editors Jane Touzalin and Jim Webster. Backup tasters were lifestyle/entertainment Web producer Marie Elizabeth Oliver and Weekend/Going Out Guide writer Maura Judkis. (One week we invited guest judge Penny Karas, owner of Hello Cupcake.)

●I plugged the results into what became a massive spreadsheet, figuring the average score for each doughnut and each shop, their prices per ounce, the average scores for each judge and more.

●The first rounds extended to 13 weeks (a baker's dozen) as we discovered new possibilities thanks to reader recommendations. We tasted from three shops one week when we realized Breadline sells just one variety.

The Salty Donut, Miami, Florida

The Salty Donut's Instagram-perfect storefront is just one reason to visit this hip bakery. Of course, its treats are another. The staff focuses on making small-batch artisanal (and incredibly fluffy) donuts with seasonal, all-natural ingredients. And they get pretty creative, too. If you're in the mood for experimenting, try the white chocolate tres leches. And even if you're not vegan, we can guarantee you will love the blueberry crumble donut that's filled with fresh blueberry jam.

The 50 Best Doughnuts in America

There are two arguments as old as time itself: the first is whether to spell the word for fried rings of dough as “doughnut, “donut,” or “do-nut,” and the second, which doughnut is the best in the amazing U. S. of A. As I am only a humble college student, I will not attempt to give a definitive answer to either of these existential questions – I will leave that to our great food philosophers. Instead, for the purposes of this article, refer to these pastries as “doughnuts,” and instead of making the call on the best doughnut in America, I will hand you a list of doughnuts worthy of a cross-country road trip to decide for yourself.

1. Peanut Butter Icing with Chocolate Sprinkles, Duck Donuts (Outerbanks, North Carolina)

Photo courtesy of

Sounds like a Reese’s cup in the form of a doughnut to me, and what more could a girl ask for? Learn more about Duck Donuts here.

2. Creme Brûlée, Astrodoughnuts (Washington, D.C.)

Photo courtesy of

The crisp, sugary crust of a creme brûlée provides the perfect contrast to the soft fluffy doughnut. Read more about Astro Doughnuts and other doughnut shops in the DC area here.

3. Apple Fritters, Fox’s Donut Den (Nashville, Tennessee)

Photo courtesy of

An old classic among Nashville natives, Fox’s never disappoints and neither does the cinnamon glory of their apple fritter. Recreate the flavor with some artistic flair with these apple pie roses.

4. Cherry Iced, Shipley’s (Houston, Texas)

Photo courtesy of Maribel Lopez on flickr

Houstonians live and die by Shipley’s, and the cherry iced is a perennial favorite. It is best enjoyed with a bottle of chocolate milk and one of Shipley’s sausage and cheese kolaches. Eating one of these is like celebrating the Cherry Blossom Festival all year long.

5. Marshall Mathers, Voodoo Donuts (Denver, Colorado)

Photo courtesy of

Voodoo Donuts has locations in the nation’s most hip cities, including Portland, Austin, and Denver. Other classics include the voodoo doll donut (particularly a voodoo doll Tom Brady at the Denver location). Read more about Voodoo Donuts here.

6. A-Town Mocha, Sublime Donuts (Atlanta, Georgia)

Photo courtesy of Sublime Doughnuts

An homage to the ATL, the A-Town Mocha is this shop’s trademark and one of its bestsellers. For a slightly healthier sweet snack, try these chocolate mocha protein pancakes.

7. Blackberry Basil and Lime, Union Square Donuts (Boston, Massachusetts)

Photo courtesy of Brittany Sweyer

For the more refined palates, I present the Blackberry Basil and Lime doughnut. From the tartness of the lime and blackberry to the spicy notes of the basil, this doughnut provides the perfect balance of flavors. If you’re not sold, buy one of these and one of their more mainstream flavors.

8. Strawberry Cheesecake, Peace, Love, and Little Donuts (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Photo courtesy of

Peace, Love and Little Donuts has locations all over the country, and you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that they do after tasting this bad boy. If you find yourself craving strawberry shortcake later but can’t justify eating cake and doughnuts in the same day, try these no-bake cheesecake stuffed strawberries instead.

9. Strawberry Stuffed Donut, The Donut Man (Glendora, California)

Photo courtesy of

What’s better than fresh strawberries and fresh doughnuts? Probably nothing. This strawberry rhubarb crisp might be a close second.

10. Plain Glazed, The Amish Baking Company (Tampa, Florida)

Photo courtesy of

With a cult following from appearances at Lollapalooza, the Amish Baking Company proves that old school never goes out of style. If you feel inspired, start up your own doughnut stand and make this recipe your trademark.

11. Chocolate4, Glazed and Infused (Chicago, Illinois)

Photo courtesy of

Chocolate gets powered up in this immediate classic made of a chocolate cake doughnut covered in chocolate ganache and white and dark chocolate curls. The owner of Glazed and Infused recommends that you enjoy this doughnut with a glass of chocolate milk to complete the “Chocolate5.” If this wasn’t enough chocolate for you, check out this doughnut recipe.

12. Classic Glazed, Richy Kreme Donuts (Maryville, Tennessee)

Photo courtesy of

Described by Maryville, Tennessee residents as a “hometown hero,” Richy Kreme has been churning out these beauties for almost seventy years. They’re clearly on to something, and there are many who believe that doughnuts will be sticking around.

13. Maple Bacon, Gibson’s Donuts (Memphis, Tennessee)

Photo courtesy of flickr user Melly Kay

Bacon and maple syrup is perhaps among the most underrated of breakfast flavor combinations, and it’s only fitting that it become manifest in the most perfect of breakfast pastries. If this flavor combo speaks to you, impress a loved one with these maple bacon roses.

14. Blueberry Bourbon Basil, Blue Star Donuts (Portland, Oregon)

Photo courtesy of

Blue Star Donuts comes in with another fruit-and-herb flavor to add to the list, which makes me think there may be a new niche in the world for “adult” doughnuts. Recreate the flavor for your next cookout with this sorbet.

15. Beignets, Café Du Monde (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Beignets may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of doughnuts, but I’ll be darned if an American classic made of fried pastry doesn’t end up here. Fluffy and covered in snowy powdered sugar, it’s worth the pilgrimage to NOLA for these alone. If you want to fill the rest of your meal time there, check out this list.

16. Malasadas, Leonard’s Bakery (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Photo courtesy of

This Portuguese twist on the doughnut is the perfect treat to complement your vacation to Honolulu. What’s a beach body if you can’t eat doughnuts, anyway? Check out the rest of Honolulu’s amazing eats here.

17. Raspberry Glazed with Crumbled Raspberries, Vortex Doughnuts (Asheville, North Carolina)

Photo courtesy of

An Asheville native, Vortex loves putting a spin on classics with their own local flair, and since they locally source all their ingredients, you can bet that this raspberry glaze is as fresh as they come. Check out this baked raspberry challah french toast if you need a raspberry fix to make at home.

18. The Bombshell, Glam Doll Donuts (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Photo courtesy of

Filled with spiced Mexican chocolate and topped with candied pecans, the Bombshell is for when you want to take a walk on the sexy side with your doughnut (a sentence I’m sure has never been written before). Glam Doll Donuts gets bonus points from me for their creative and catchy names such as “Pinup Girl” (their apple bourbon fritter) and “Misfit” (an orange, ginger and cinnamon infused glazed doughnut). Complement this doughnut with the perfect Mexican hot chocolate.

19. Cinnamon Twist, Ronald’s Donuts (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Photo courtesy of

A big rope of cinnamon goodness, this twist puts even your mom’s best cinnamon buns to shame. Science says that cinnamon has health benefits, which to me sounds like the perfect reason to eat about five of these twists in one sitting.

20. Granny’s Pie, Gourdough’s (Austin, Texas)

Photo courtesy of

If I ever have doubt in humanity, I can rest easy knowing that a food truck exists that serves both doughnuts and fried chicken (often together). Gordough’s is that food truck, and the Granny’s Pie is one of their masterpieces. With caramel, pecans, bananas, and graham cracker, it is as much a sundae as it is a doughnut. If you’re left with nostalgia for the banana cream pie your grandma used to make, check out this recipe.

21. Cinnamon Glob, The Donut Stop (St. Louis, Missouri)

Photo courtesy of

A work of art so beautiful it cannot even be confined to a normal doughnut shape. Marketed as “the cinnamon bun’s ‘unrefined’ cousin,” the Cinnamon Glob is a Donut Stop original. If you want a little extra sophistication, check out these cinnamon rolls and make some of your own.

22. Hibiscus Doughnut, Dough (Brooklyn, New York)

Photo courtesy of

The doughnut gets a tropical upgrade with this glaze, and you’ll be left wondering when you can make your next getaway (or when you can get your hands on another one of these doughnuts). Hibiscus seems to be pretty on trend these days, popping up in everything from iced teas to rhubarb, and what better way to try it out that this doughnut?

23. Salted Caramel, Fractured Prune (Ocean City, Maryland)

Photo courtesy of

With Fractured Prune’s create-your-own doughnut option, your visit is almost guaranteed to satisfy. Salted caramel, however, makes for the iconic balance of sugary and salty and can work in everything from doughnuts to mochas.

24. Glazed, Randy’s Donuts (Inglewood, California)

Photo courtesy of

A Los Angeles classic, Randy’s makes for an iconic stop in your cross-country doughnut expedition. What better way to experience an icon than with a classic glazed doughnut, especially when Randy’s does it so well? Check out other L.A. classics here.

25. Maple Bacon, Holtman’s Donuts (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Photo courtesy of

There can never be too many maple bacon doughnuts in this world, and Holtman’s makes a glorious contribution to the sweet and savory culinary canon. If the offerings of the doughnut world are not enough to satisfy your bacon cravings, check out these bacon chocolate chip cookies.

26. Boston Créme Donut, Donut Pub (Chelsea, New York)

Photo courtesy of

Filled doughnuts changed the game of frying pastries, and the Boston Creme is among the classics. Frosted in chocolate and filled with a sweet custard, it covers almost every sweet flavor profile you could want. If you leave wanting more of the sweet dessert, go for the classic Boston Creme pie or these cupcakes.

27. Buttermilk Bar, Bosa Donuts (Phoenix, Arizona)

Photo courtesy of

I have no idea what buttermilk tastes like by itself, but if it is at all responsible for making this doughnut taste as good as it does, I’d like to buy it by the gallon. If you’re like me and have no idea where to buy such a magnificent yet mysterious substance, take a shot at making your own.

28. Berry Canoli, The Holy Donut (Portland, Maine)

Photo courtesy of

Combing the tartness of berries with sweet cannoli cream….can I get a “hell yeah?” A Maine native, The Holy Donut is popular among gluten lovers and gluten-free fans alike since some of their doughnuts are made with potato flour instead of wheat. For other gluten free options, substitute rice flour for wheat flour or use almond butter like in these chocolate chip cookies.

29. Nutella Pocket, Stan’s Donuts (Chicago, Illinois)

Photo courtesy of

I have it on good authority that Stan’s is one of the best doughnut shops in Chicago, and it comes as no surprise that their heavy hitter is their Nutella Pocket. If there’s a culinary problem that cannot be solved by Nutella, it is a truly big problem. You put it on toast, you can make cake out of it in your microwave, and you can eat it straight out of a jar with a spoon: of course it’s going to upgrade any excellent doughnut to the next level.

30. Glazed Cake, Dom’s Bakery (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Photo courtesy of

Dom’s seems to occupy a unique part of the Michigan experience, and their glazed cake doughnuts stand out in the crowd for their sweet, dense goodness. Their blueberry cake is particularly excellent, but if you can’t make it out to Ann Arbor and still have a craving for blueberries, try ’em in a crisp like this.

31. Cardamom Apricot, Dynamo Donut + Coffee (San Francisco, California)

Photo courtesy of

Yet another doughnut for your refined palates, this cardamom apricot doughnut hits some similar notes as a cinnamon-apple treat but with flavors that are far more likely to impress your mom’s friends at the country club. Cardamom is an underrated spice often used in Indian cuisine. If you’re not brave enough to try it as a full dish, sample its flavor potential in this doughnut or even by upgrading your hot chocolate with it.

32. Buttercrunch, Spunky Dunkers (Arlington Heights, Illinois)

Photo courtesy of

This doughnut wins on texture contrast alone: nothing like a sharp crunch to compliment the sweet fluffiness of yeasty doughnuts. Coated in toasted coconut and billed as “coconut taste without the coconut texture,” it’s sure to convert even the most adamant coconut-hater. Check out these macaroons for more coconut goodness.

33. Apple Fritter, Green Bush Bakery (Madison, Wisconsin)

Photo courtesy of

This apple fritter is as big as yo’ face, and it nearly qualifies as a meal by itself. If you aren’t satisfied with one doughnut from this bakery, their caramel-filled buttermilk bar offers another take on the classic doughnut that’s sure to impress. Fritters are made with chopped apples, after all, so you’re basically eating a well-balanced breakfast. If you want more apple in your life, make these crescent bites.

34. Frozen Custard Doughnut Sandwich, Holey Moley Coffee + Doughnuts (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Photo courtesy of Instagram user @holeymoleydoughnuts

Only available during the Milwaukee Brewers’ season, these sandwiches are a hot commodity and worth snapping up if you ever find yourself in Wisconsin at the right time. They’re filled with frozen custard and a variety of toppings, making them the perfect treat at a professional baseball game. For more on what to eat when you’re out to a ballgame, check out this bucket list of ballpark eats.

35. Cinnamon Sugar Old-Fashioned, Top Pot Doughnuts (Seattle, Washington)

Photo courtesy of

Ah, yes. Cinnamon sugar. The simple yet elegant flavor combination gifted to us by the heavens. Top Pot renders this flavor in an old-school manner with their old-fashioned doughnut, and it is truly immaculate in execution. A Seattle original, Top Pot prides itself on fusing the old with the new and stands tall as a culinary landmark of the city. If you find yourself in Seattle, check out these other amazing foods to fill your plate.

36. Vanilla Lavendar Sugar-coated, Federal Donuts (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Photo courtesy of

Don’t let their sophisticated flavors fool you: Federal Dounuts is all about fun, as you’ll see from their website, which takes you to a theatrical introduction before showing you their pastry offerings. Philly natives love the place and speak volumes of it whenever they have to be apart from it for too long. Just looking at this fluffy beauty, it’s not hard to see why. Bonus: lavender has de-stress benefits, so you’re basically doing your body good by eating this doughnut.

37. El Guapo, O Face Doughnuts (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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From their delightfully inappropriate logo to their delicious doughnut flavors, O Face Doughnuts makes me want to book a flight to Las Vegas right now for a visit. El Guapo, a Mexican chocolate doughnut filled with horchata pudding, is one of their most popular flavors. Horchata, for the novices among you, is a drink or flavor made with rice, cinnamon, and sometimes vanilla, and it can be used in everything from french toast to cocktails. It’s a flavor train we should all be boarding.

38. Pretzel Donut, Bill’s Donut Shop (Dayton, Ohio)

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Two carbo-loaded delights in one? Sign me up. Voted one of the 10 best places to get a doughnut by USA Today, Bill’s is a 24-hour doughnut shop that has been cornering the doughnut market in Centerville, Ohio since 1960. Their pretzel doughnuts are their signature, and if they’ve been in business for more than fifty years I’ve got to guess they’re doing something right. If pretzels are your dream, check out more ways to eat them here.

39. Sugar and Spice, Carpe Donut (Charlottesville, Virginia)

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Sugar, spice, and everything nice: this doughnut is Carpe Donut’s trademark, and they do it oh-so-well. They’re a signature part of Charlottesville, and they pride themselves on locally sourced organic ingredients. Eating this doughnut both allows you to support your local doughnut stand owners and feel just a little bit like you’re going on a cleanse. It is organic, after all.

40. 100 Layer Donut, Five Daughters Bakery (Nashville, Tennessee)

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A refined and untrademarked cousin of the famous Cronut, this treat stands out among the Nashville doughnut scene for its artistic perfection and the sheer amount of work undertaken to bring it to the masses: a full three days of labor to put one on the shelf. If you feel up to the task, you can attempt a cronut of your very own and see if it stacks up.

41. Buttermilk bar, Primo’s Donuts (Los Angeles, California)

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The mysterious buttermilk appears again, this time in the form of a more bar-looking shape. Judging by its glossy surface and the sheer number of times people have Instagrammed it, it must be a magnificent dessert, and we’re clearly on to something with this buttermilk thing. Give it a shot in your pancakes as well as your doughnuts, even if you’re dairy-free.

42. Peanut Butter & Blackberry Jam, Doughnut Plant (New York, New York)

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The Doughnut Plant commits to their PB&J doughnut in a way that few shops do with house made peanut butter and jam, and it makes me want to eat peanut butter and jelly this way for every single day of my life. Doughnut Plant makes a huge stand in New York’s strong culinary scene full of classics that leave New Yorkers wanting more whenever they leave.

43. Salted Caramel Old Fashioned, Doughnut Vault (Chicago, Illinois)

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Salted caramel strikes again, but this time in Chicago. The Doughnut Vault prides itself on its cake and old-fashioned doughnuts, so be sure to pick up one of their best iterations. For more salty caramel goodness, try these cinnamon buns.

44. Maple Waffle, Underwest Donuts (New York, New York)

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A more breakfasty cousin of the maple bacon doughnut, the maple waffle makes for a beautiful union and is one of the more accessible doughnut-and-pastry combinations alongside the pretzel doughnut. For another take on the waffle and doughnut combo, check out the wonut.

45. Pistachio Meyer Lemon Glaze, Do-Rite Donuts (Chicago, Illinois)

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Do-Rite Donuts once again ranks among the best doughnut shops in the country, and with classy flavors like pistachio and meyer lemon alongside a selection of vegan and gluten free doughnuts, they’ve got an offering for everybody. If these doughnuts awaken a craving for pistachios as they do for me, check out this dark chocolate pistachio bark.

46. S’mores, Doughnut Lounge (Kansas City, Missouri)

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S’mores are the greatest gift camping ever gave humanity, and I’m glad that the Doughnut Lounge understands that fact. The only thing we’re missing is a campfire, but you can always get your s’mores fix without a campfire thanks to modern kitchen technology.

47. Strong Pimp Hands, Polar Donuts (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

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Aside from what is perhaps the most interesting doughnut name on this list, these monstrous bear claws are a standout. Oklahoma City’s got some spunk in their pastry game, and bear claws are among the most underrated doughnuts in this world. They need more love in this world.

48. Green Tea Coconut Cake, Hugs & Donuts (Houston, Texas)

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Another Houston favorite in a trendy neighborhood, Hugs & Donuts is among the best. Green tea is so fetch these days: put it in your doughnuts, put it in your smoothie, and make your dreams come true in a way that will have your grandmother very proud of you.

49. Cookies and Cream, Pink Box Doughnuts (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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Another Las Vegas local, Pink Box serves their pastries in their trademark pink box and slays it with what is sure to be an instant classic. From the cream to the crunchy topping, this doughnut provides the perfect contrast of bite. What can’t Oreos improve? Nothing.

50. Red Velvet Oreo, Donut Bar (San Diego, California)

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The Donut Bar claims to have “The Best Donuts In the World,” and after seeing the number of awards they’ve won, it’s not hard to see why. I’d be remiss not to mention their “Big Poppa-Tart” doughnut, which is essentially a doughnut stuffed with crushed Pop Tart, jam, and covered in marshmallow glaze. They’ve also clearly crushed the game by stuffing a beautiful doughnut with a red velvet Oreo. Use red velvet Oreos in cupcakes too to impress all your friends.

Glazed Donuts

The self-proclaimed “Southernmost donut shop in the United States” isn’t noteworthy just because of its location. Its donuts are some of the best anywhere. They’re big and hole-less and while “ordinary” flavors are puffy, fresh, and delicious — chocolate-frosted, cinnamon sugar, raspberry jelly filled, etc. — the creative variations are astounding.

Consider the Cuban Coffee donut. It’s a great, flaky thing that is croissant-like in its airiness, the filling a dark, rich, caffeinated cream. A Key Lime Pie donut, crowned with doots of meringue, is freighted with sweet/tart filling that sounds the very same flavor harmony as Florida’s official state pie.

Apple fritters are something else altogether: heavier, oilier, as scrumptiously unctuous as a breadstuff possibly can be, loaded with large hunks of fruit cooked soft enough to verge on caramelization.

All these grand pastries (plus impeccably fresh orange juice, mimosas, and top-drawer coffee) are served in a modest Eaton Street storefront starting every morning at 7am, and open until 3pm or until the day’s donuts are gone, which can be as early as shortly after noon.

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